Midnight Fight Express-CODEX

Level up, power up, and tap into a sprawling skill tree to unleash a dizzying array of devastating fighting moves. Develop your own signature style, and master over-the-top combos that leave the criminals wondering what hit ’em.
“Midnight Fight Express

Code To Jin Yong-CODEX

With its two characters sweeping through the air with elegant sword strikes and individual leaves whipping up in the wind. It’s a wuxia-lover’s dream – for modern film equivalents, think Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or House of Flying Daggers.

R-type Final 3 Evolved-CODEX

New and veteran players alike can shape their experience with the performance-based difficulty system and customizable ships. Experience classic R-Type trademarks such as the “Force” mechanic along with a nostalgic and addictive gameplay loop.
Universal Challenge – The performance-based difficulty

Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life-CODEX

Your Story, Your Way ? With the option to play as a male, female, or non-binary protagonist, as well as all eligible marriage candidates available for romance regardless of that choice, you can truly be who you want to be.

Silent Hill f-CODEX

The game is a new Silent Hill story set in 1960’s Japan and was described as a “beautiful, yet horrifying world”. It’s developed by Neobards Entertainment. Unlike previous games in the series, it is not being set in the titular

Burning Lands-CODEX

The Commander makes resources available to the team in a mix that shapes the particular tactics a team will use to reach the victory condition. These come in the form of vehicles, equipment or off-map support.
A tactical combined arms