Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life-CODEX

Your Story, Your Way ? With the option to play as a male, female, or non-binary protagonist, as well as all eligible marriage candidates available for romance regardless of that choice, you can truly be who you want to be.

Silent Hill f-CODEX

The game is a new Silent Hill story set in 1960’s Japan and was described as a “beautiful, yet horrifying world”. It’s developed by Neobards Entertainment. Unlike previous games in the series, it is not being set in the titular

Burning Lands-CODEX

The Commander makes resources available to the team in a mix that shapes the particular tactics a team will use to reach the victory condition. These come in the form of vehicles, equipment or off-map support.
A tactical combined arms

Shadow of Conspiracy Section 2-CODEX

This deep, cinematic detective thriller puts the players’ mind, body and soul to the test as they deal with themes like guilt, love, friendship, sacrifice and betrayal.
Customize your character’s abilities and weapons for whatever playstyle you prefer, choose from


There will be 3 unique game modes. The first one will focus on large scale team-based battles. The second one will be our specialized battle royale mode and the final one will be small scale objective-based game mode.
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Honor of Kings World-CODEX

Publisher Tencent and developer TiMi Studio have released a gameplay reveal trailer for their stunning open-world action RPG, Honor of Kings: World. It features combo-heavy combat in a beautiful world filled with colorful characters, monsters, and magical abilities.
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