Marvel’s Avengers-CODEX

Marvel’s Avengers features a large roster of characters drawn from the Marvel Universe, consisting primarily of the title team members and other superheroes, such as Captain America (Jeff Schine), Iron Man (Nolan North), Hulk (Troy Baker/Darin De Paul), Black Widow

MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries-CODEX

The year is 3015. Humanity has colonized thousands of systems across a vast region of space splintered by centuries of conflict. The battlefields of the future are dominated by MechWarriors, elite pilots of hulking machines of war known as BattleMechs.

Serious Sam 4 Planet Badass-CODEX

Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass is a first-person shooter video game in the Serious Sam series. The game will take place in several locations. So far the only confirmed locations are France and Italy. Other locations are still unknown.

Since …


GRID is a racing experience like no other. Offering unrivalled moment-to-moment racing, GRID returns with an all-new experience where every race is the chance to choose your own path, create your own story and conquer the world of motorsport.


Fast & Furious Crossroads-CODEX

Fast & Furious Crossroads is an action-adventure video game set in the Fast & Furious universe. Gear up for fast, cinematic non-stop action in a new chapter of the Fast & Furious saga as you hunt down an international crime …

Atomic Heart-CODEX

Atomic Heart revolves around a KGB agent dispatched to investigate Facility 3826, a top-secret network of city-sized research centers and factories scattered across an alternate-history Soviet Union. The perils players encounter in the game – killer robots, bio-weapons, zombies – …