Earth Revival-CODEX

Earth: Revival is a sci-fi open world survival game on a ravaged planet Earth. The game lets players experience vast open world exploration, intense third-person shooter combat alongside complex crafting and building systems allowing survivors to begin the process of


Collect and upgrade cards of WWE Superstars and Legends to build the ultimate faction and compete for global dominance in MyFACTION, now featuring online multiplayer! WWE Universe Mode is the ultimate sandbox that puts you in charge of WWE, from

Silent Hill Townfall-CODEX

Silent Hill: Townfall is a collaboration between Konami and Annapurna Interactive, the publisher behind Stray, Outer Wilds, and Neon White. No Code Studios, best known for Stories Untold and Observation will serve as developers on the project.
After a decade,

Nobody’s Left-CODEX

Nobody’s Left, the Last of Us-inspired game from solitary Iranian developer Mo Khakzad/Mad Rain Studio, has received a new 12-minute gameplay trailer. You play as a bounty hunter who is caught up in a war between two major factions and

Fear Effect Reinvented-CODEX

The remake will no longer use fixed camera angles. It will also be longer than the original game. The game will involve collecting items, solving puzzles, and there will be an inventory system. There will be unlockables and three difficulty

Layers of Fears-CODEX

Layers of Fears will be the complete, definitive and at the same time unpredictable way to discover the stories of artists enslaved by their obsessions. Prepare for an exquisite horror experience thanks to the expanded plot lines that will cast