Football Manager 2023-CODEX

In Football Manager 2023, it’s not just about picking tactics or crafting a team. It’s about taking on challenges and breaking new ground as you establish your own style.
Find the club that’s right for you. Meet the board’s expectations

Counter-Strike 2-CODEX

Counter-Strike 2 is the largest technical leap forward in Counter-Strike’s history, ensuring new features and updates for years to come. In addition to supporting legacy models and finishes, all stock weapons have been upgraded with high-resolution models, and some weapon

Blight Survival-CODEX

Blight: Survival is a 4-player co-op action-horror roguelite set in the unforgiving no man’s land between two desperate states at a ceaseless war. Fight, with up to three friends, your way through both men and monsters in a violent co-op

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Heart of Russia-CODEX

Expand your travels to the east, stretching from the already explored Saint Petersburg in the Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC, further into the south and east. Visit the heart of Russia and admire its beauty full of breathtaking and sometimes

For The King II-CODEX

Build your motley crew from a selection of plucky upstarts, whether a common farmhand, a brave blacksmith or even the village alchemist. Each come with their own unique stats, abilities and special traits to consider carefully before embarking on perilous

Like a Dragon 8-CODEX

The characters available for Kasuga’s party in Yakuza: Like a Dragon tend to fall into traditional RPG archetypes, only translated for a more grounded story. Examples of these archetypes include Nanba acting as the mage, Adachi is like a tank,