Way of the Hunter-CODEX

This authentic hunting experience lets you explore and hunt in large open-world environments in the USA and Europe . Discover true to life animals in beautiful natural habitats and handle various detailed and highly realistic weapons.
Face the challenges of

Songs of Conquest-CODEX

The in-game level editor allows you to create your own adventures using the same tools the developers use to create campaign and skirmish maps. Script in-game events, control the soundtrack, write dialogue and share your creations with others!
Explore a …

Heavy Cargo The Truck Simulator-CODEX

terrain with your 30-meter-long truck and trailer combination? Accompany convoys in a support vehicle, take care of removing signs and obstacles, and stabilize critical passages during your ride. Do you have what it takes to take ships, rotor blades or

The Lost Wild-CODEX

We are able to leverage replayability through our novel take on combat and evasion mechanics. Contest your place in the food chain and intimidate, lure and repel animals using non-lethal weaponry, resulting in both physical and psychological encounters.
The Lost

Deliver Us Mars-CODEX

For players who enjoyed Deliver Us The Moon, they’ll get a kick out of how the story picks up threads and characters from the original game (we welcome any and all fan theories until we can say more…). For totally

System Shock 3-CODEX

System Shock and its sequel by Looking Glass Studios have had a distinct impact on the gaming industry. In December 2015, the third installment in the franchise titled System Shock 3 was announced, but its development has had plenty of