Out of the Park Baseball 23-CODEX

Out of the Park Baseball 23 is built upon the foundation of a series that has twice won Metacritic’s PC Game of the Year – the only game to ever do that!
If it happens in real baseball, it happens

Sengoku Dynasty-CODEX

Become a legendary figure in the tumultuous world of the warring-states era in Japan by following a path of a charismatic leader, skillful craftsman, famed warrior or a spiritual master.
Live your life in former times in beautiful Japan, from


Gritty diesel-punk world: Discover a brutal dystopia where The Great War never ended and survival is in looting and exploring among the stars.
Persistent gear and XP: Keep your best gear match-to-match and tweak your favourite weapons with mods while

The Quarry-CODEX

Nine young camp counselors must survive a night at Hackett Quarry in Upstate New York while being hunted by “blood-drenched locals” and “something far more sinister”.
The player must make different decisions, which would change the character development, the plot

Mictlan An Ancient Mythical Tale-CODEX

We take pride in some unique aspects of our game: Mictlan is the first open-world video game ever created by a Mexican-American studio, and it is the first video game completely based on Mesoamerican history and culture. With our game,


Gundam Evolution is a team-based shooter, where two opposing squads, with six players each, combat one another as they seek to perform opposing objectives on the map. These objectives vary depending on the game mode.
Activating the Thruster Gauge kicks