Last Year-CODEX

Which Classmate will you pick? Choose from 6 Classmates, and assign them a Class to get special skills. The more you work well with your Classmates, the better your chances of survival. And the more you survive, the more Arcane

Call of Duty WarZone-CODEX

Warzone’s map has large and completely custom made meaning no reused building assets and, like Black Ops 4’s battle royale mode Blackout, will feature classic maps. This time they will be from Infinity Ward’s back catalogue, such as Broadcast, Overgrown, …

Last Oasis-CODEX

Last Oasis features dynamic, skill-based directional melee combat. Nomads can choose their weapon from a wide range of both one and two-handed swords, maces, axes, and quarterstaves. If you prefer ranged combat, you can customize your walker with weapons like …

Project Awakening-CODEX

Project Awakening is an all-new action RPG featuring cutting edge graphics and a high fantasy setting. As part of the company’s ongoing drive to deliver the very best in entertainment, Cygames has assembled a development dream team to create the

The Pathless-CODEX

Become the Hunter, a master of archery whose mission is to dispel the curse of darkness that grips her world. Forge a connection with an eagle companion as you explore a vast, forested island full of secrets. Solve puzzles in

Baldur’s Gate 3-CODEX

The Forgotten Realms are a vast, detailed and diverse world, and there are secrets to be discovered all around you — verticality is a vital part of exploration. Sneak, dip, shove, climb, and jump as you journey from the depths …