PLAN 8 is the first shooter introduced by Pearl Abyss and combines open-world MMO elements with action-packed gameplay and realistic graphics that players expect within the shooter genre. PLAN 8 is built on Pearl Abyss’ brand-new, proprietary engine.

Into the …


It’s all very methodical and tactical, until it isn’t. GTFO can transform into a frantic run and gun shooter if you cock up and wake up all the monsters. The developers no doubt did it on purpose so they could


Players can create their levels in the game by using either custom or pre-built objects. Players can share their completed dreams online. Cooperative multiplayer is featured in the game, allowing players to create and manipulate their custom dreams together.

Dream …

Hotshot Racing-CODEX

Hotshot Racing combines the best of old and new with its multiplayer, too: online races support up to eight gamers, while four-player local split-screen makes it perfect for those wanting to duke it out with friends or family at home.


Intense and suspenseful gameplay, Dynamic gameplay enriched with objectives, stealth, combat and teamwork. Players will interact with a range of items and weapons, and have access to a crafting system. Unpredictable AI Dinosaurs, Dynamic and reactive dinosaurs that hunt you …

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered-CODEX

We’ve played iconic Modern Warfare series maps of past returning in the new Modern Warfare, including classic maps like Rust, Shipment, Crash and Vacant. Plus, in Warzone we’ve also experienced classic Modern Warfare series locations like Gulag and Boneyard in