Haunted Space-CODEX

Overcome the odds in fierce multi-stage boss battles against ancient God-like creatures composed of organic matter and space debris. Trade and craft new ships and ship equipment using powerful and customisable ship modification tools – create and buy new weapons,

Century Age of Ashes-CODEX

Century: Age of Ashes, the multiplayer dragon battle game is now available for free! Customize your dragon, dive into the arena and compete to become a legendary Dragoneer. Burn your enemies and rule the skies!
Compete in intense online games

Six Days in Fallujah-CODEX

The image of their burned and mutilated corpses hanging from a bridge became synonymous with the U.S. occupation of the country itself. In 2004, Western forces tried to retake the city not once but twice. Six Days in Fallujah focuses

Sniper Elite VR-CODEX


Southern Italy, 1943. Fascist forces occupy your homeland. Using stealth, authentic weaponry, and your skilled marksmanship as an elite sniper, fight for the Italian Resistance in this exhilarating first-person shooter.
HEART-POUNDING GUNPLAY – Grab your rifle, gaze down the scope …



World War One has arrived in the mountains of the Italian Front – beautiful but deadly in equal measure. Inspired by the two year struggle for control of the Isonzo river valley and Alps during World War One, Isonzo



Players can now expand their armies and experience 16 additional factions that were previously locked, giving a grand total of 38 playable factions. In a first for Total War, you can now take your favourite faction to battle against