GhostWire Tokyo-CODEX

The team behind this new paranormal adventure brought us The Evil Within 2 and the previous game. Both Shinji Mikami and Ikumi Nakurma both have a long history within the industry. Mikami, who’s the executive producer and founder of Tango

Bendy and the Dark Revival-CODEX

Bendy and the Ink’s Machine’s atmosphere and cast of characters remain a big discussion point among fans. It is unfortunate the next game isn’t coming until in 2020, but if it means a better experience, it will be worth the

Super Mega Baseball 3-CODEX

Super Mega Baseball 3 refines the series’ formula with the deepest on-field simulation yet, comprehensive online and offline game modes including a brand new Franchise mode, and vastly improved graphics. New content includes revamped UI plus tons of new audio,


Among endless vast wastelands a wanderer will find places where they can buy bullets, food and chit-chat to the damned victims about life, the universe and everything. Maybe swap a story or two about hunting cannibals. Also, there are private


Ninjala is a free-to-play multiplayer action video game being developed by GungHo Online Entertainment. Ninjala centers upon an eponymous tournament being held by the World Ninja Association, which developed bubblegum that could be used to allow people with the DNA

AO Tennis 2-CODEX

Many of these improvements have admittedly come over time; regular post-release patching from developer Big Ant transformed the original AO Tennis from broken mess at launch to a more competent sim some 12 months later, tightening the responsiveness of the …