Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX-CODEX

You can deposit and withdraw the money of this world, Poké, at this bank. If you’re defeated in a dungeon, your Poké will go to 0—except for the money you deposited in the Felicity Bank. Before you take on a …

Drake Hollow-CODEX

Drake Hollow is a cooperative mix between survival and wave-based defense mechanics. You and three friends can build settlements and raise drakes–sentient plants that you’ll need to feed, shelter, and, most importantly, keep entertained. The drakes will help you defend

Demon’s Souls-CODEX

Players can leave pre-written messages on the floor that can also help others such as forewarning safe or hostile positions, trap locations and tactics against enemies or bosses, among general comments. Co-operative play allows up to three characters to team

Train Sim World 2-CODEX

Livery Designer – Get creative and add a personal touch to your Train Sim World 2 locos with this easy to use tool that allows custom liveries. Scenario Planner – Drive what you want, where you want, as you plan

Rocket Arena-CODEX

In Rocket Arena gameplay mechanics are thrown into a handful of game modes at launch, each with a low 3v3 player count. The first and most obvious is Knockout, where it’s all about getting the highest number of knockouts as


SnowRunner is an upcoming sequel to MudRunner developed by Saber Interactive and expected to be released by Focus Home Interactive, Larger Environments – The maps will be up to four times larger than MudRunner maps, with vast expanses just waiting …