Persona 5 Royal-CODEX

Persona 5 Royal is the beefed up version of Persona 5, sort-of like Golden is to Persona 4. As such, Royal comes with a bevy of enhancements and additions, including a new Phantom Thief member and Palace, 20 new songs,

Total War Saga TROY-CODEX

In TROY, the fate of Aegean civilisation will be in your hands – each choice you make will shape the lands from the mythical heights of Mount Olympus to the arid deserts of Lemnos. Experience history as it might have …

Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions-CODEX

Later, he moved to France with his father, and has been developing his skills while studying French football. He has the nickname of “The Prince of the Field” because of his high soccer intelligence and brilliant play, and his ability …


It’s all very methodical and tactical, until it isn’t. GTFO can transform into a frantic run and gun shooter if you cock up and wake up all the monsters. The developers no doubt did it on purpose so they could


Players can create their levels in the game by using either custom or pre-built objects. Players can share their completed dreams online. Cooperative multiplayer is featured in the game, allowing players to create and manipulate their custom dreams together.

Dream …

Fairy Tail-CODEX

Even within the same faction, different policies now bring with them different strategies for expansion, making the wise use of various officers a cornerstone of advanced gameplay.

Play through the spell-binding narrative of the fairy tail anime and manga series …