Detroit Become Human-CODEX

These can be viewed in a flowchart during and immediately after a given chapter; the player can rewind to certain points in the story to reshape decisions in the event of regret. Certain scenes feature countdowns, which force the player …

Halo The Master Chief Collection-CODEX

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is a compilation of first-person shooter (FPS) video games in the Halo series for the Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. Originally released for Xbox One on November 11, 2014, and later in 2019 on PC …

Total Tank Simulator-CODEX

From infantry to aircraft, super-secret projects or tanks, LOTS of tanks… there are over 200 different units at your disposal, seriously – check them out!

Total Tank Simulator is a game developed by Noobzfrompoland and published by 505 games, set


DRIFT21 is a high-end car racing game with fully licensed vehicles and tracks. This game includes hardware steering wheel accessory support right out the gate with Thrustmaster, Fanatec, and Logitec. Users will be able to begin playing immediately with a


Scientists embraced a method in which a human brain is surgically removed and transferred into a robotic armature. From the anarchy, emerged an overly aggressive, militaristic division known as the Rayonne. Global war erupted, and Rayonne forces succeeded in gaining

Predator Hunting Grounds-CODEX

Predator: Hunting Grounds is an immersive asymmetrical shooter set in remote areas, where the Predator stalks the most challenging prey. Play as a member of an elite Fireteam and complete paramilitary operations before the Predator finds you. Or, play as