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Aery: Stone Age-CODEX

Aery: Stone Age Cover

Embark on an enchanting adventure where you soar through stunning environments, from lush forests to vast plains, all rich with the secrets of a bygone era. Feel the exhilarating freedom of flight as you gracefully navigate this wondrous world, uncovering …

Inkidoki And Phoenix-CODEX

Inkidoki And Phoenix Cover

Get ready to lose yourself in a magical adventure like no other. With beautiful pictures, bright and exciting levels, and music that will tug at your heartstrings, Inkidoki And Phoenix is a gaming experience you won’t soon forget. Are you …

Geometry Survivor-CODEX

Geometry Survivor Cover

Embark on a thrilling space survival journey like never before in Geometry Survivor! Prepare to test your skills and wit in this innovative rogue-lite game that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Featuring mesmerizing visuals and a …


Krimson Cover

Prepare to be captivated by the innovative gameplay mechanics of Krimson, where precision and timing are key to survival. Are you ready to conquer this unforgiving world and claim your place among the elite few who dare to challenge its …

Last Moon-CODEX

Last Moon Cover

Are you ready to brave the dangers that lurk in the shadows, to uncover the secrets of the falling Moon, and to become the hero that will restore balance to a world on the brink of destruction? Last Moon awaits, …


Paralives Cover

So, are you ready to experience the ultimate life simulation game where the only limit is your imagination? Dive into Paralives and watch as your characters navigate through the complexities of life in a world where possibilities are limitless, and …